Author: mkent

  • May 26th

    Another week has flown by with our Blue Room friends. We had music class with Ms. Carol on Tuesday, a friendship-inspired yoga class on Wednesday with Tara Rachel, Library with Wesley’s grown-ups on Thursday, and Elan was our Photographer! No school Monday for Memorial Day! Next Friday, June 2, is our Blue Room End of […]

  • May 25th

    Happy Thursday! We had such a fun day together in the Blue Room! We talked about parts of a flower and practiced tracing our letters with big chalk at the rectangle table and tracing flower part words at the studio table! Friends continued to enjoy matching letters with sticky notes, and we had some busy […]

  • May 19th

    Thank you all for coming for conferences today!! It was so nice to connect and rave about our special, special group!! We had music on Tuesday with Ms. Carol, yoga with Tara Rachel on Wednesday, library time with our guest readers Caitlin and Peter on Thursday, and William was our Photographer! Important Dates May 21: […]

  • May 18th

    We had such a fun day together in the Blue Room! We did a directed drawing of an ice cream cone during Morning Meeting, played with our Todd Parr characters, read so many stories under the loft, pretended to be pirates in our boats, and painted at the studio table. We enjoyed some fun on […]

  • May 17th

    Happy Birthday, Will!!! We have our 2nd 4-year-old in the Blue Room! Today we were inspired by the letter Bb–B for Boat, B for Bikes, B for Blocks, B for Books, B for Birthday! Friends practiced their writing grips and Bb sounds with a letter Bb coloring page, paddled to Florida and Nantucket in our […]

  • May 12th

    Happy Friday! This was an exciting week in the Blue Room! We had music with Ms. Carol on Tuesday, yoga with Tara Rachel on Wednesday, and celebrated our first 4-year-old with our Library guest reader, Leila, on Thursday and classroom guest reader, Karim, today! Happy birthday, Tommy! Zoey was our Photographer–thank you, Zoey! Happy Birthday, […]

  • May 11th

    It was such a lovely Thursday together in the Blue Room! We painted paddles for our boat at the rectangle table, created at the studio table, played on the front playground, and visited the library where Tommy’s mom read to us to celebrate his birthday this weekend! Our first 4 year old! Classroom Jobs in […]

  • May 10th

    It was a Wonderful Wednesday in the Blue Room! Today we started our next step to playing with our Blue Room Boat–we needed life jackets! Friends helped paint some life jackets to use with our boat to help keep everyone safe. We also have been eager to check the growth of our plants each day–we […]

  • May 5th

    It is hard to believe another week has come to an end and we are already in May! This week we had music with Carol on Tuesday, yoga with Tara Rachel on Wednesday, and Library on Thursday. We had technical difficulties with the classroom camera this week, so there is no Photographer Gallery, but it […]

  • May 4th

    Happy Thursday! We had a fun-filled day in the Blue Room! We explored our classroom, started a new collaborative project, played on the front playground and visited the library! Classroom Jobs in Action! Signs of Spring! As we continue noticing signs of spring around the city, we have been inspired to explore some of the […]