Author: lnolli

  • May 24

    Happy Wednesday and what a wonderful Wednesday it was! We had so much fun in our classroom playing and learning. We ended our day at Yoga and enjoyed some ball smooshes. At the rectangle, friends identified shapes and exercised their fine motor muscles again with the different hole punchers. We observed our plants throughout the […]

  • May 23

    Today, was a great Tuesday in the Blue Room! We had so much fun! Friends continued to play the letter-matching game, exercise fine motor muscles, make tree jewelry, explore the backyard, and then we got to end the day singing with Ms. Carol! We sang our three favorite songs, Take Me Out To The Ballgame, […]

  • May 22nd

    Happy Monday! We had a great morning in the Blue Room! Everyone was assigned new classroom jobs and was thrilled to begin the week. We did a fun art project with pipettes, coffee filters, and markers! Friends had so much fun mixing colors! We played a letter-matching game during meeting, teachers are so proud of […]

  • May 16th

    Today, was a great day in the Blue Room. Friends have been busy playing with our homemade boat, drawing at the studio table, and enjoying the beautiful weather on the playground. This week we continued teacher-directed drawings. Most recently, we all drew a boat! We have new school family jobs this week, and friends are […]

  • May 9th

    Today, was a terrific Tuesday in the Blue Room! We started our day drawing Piggie at morning meeting together directed by Ms. Melissa. Everyone did a great job listening and drawing each shape that eventually ended up becoming a picture of Piggie! We have been inspired by all of Mo Willems’ illustrations! We continued working […]

  • May 8th

    Happy Monday! We had a wonderful day back at school today! We continued working on our Blue Room boat, adding to it to make it longer! We can’t wait for it to be done so everyone can. bring it to pretend. During Morning Meeting, we practiced drawing Mo Willems-inspired drawings. Everyone followed Ms. Mel in […]

  • May 2nd

    Happy Music with Carol Day! We had a fun-filled morning enjoying the Blue Room. We created different structures and pieces of art with recycled boxes, built magna-tile structures, paved a road with wooden blocks, and ended our day singing our favorite songs with Ms. Carol. Today, we read Boxitects by Kim Smith While building intricate […]

  • May 1st

    What a great start to the week and the new month of May! Today, we enjoyed playing in the classroom making projects out of recycled materials, building a road out of wooden blocks, creating Lego structures, and having so much fun outside on the back playground with our friends! New greetings during Morning Meeting! New […]

  • April 25th

    Welcome back! We had an amazing first day back from break. Friends shared stories of their home day adventures and also mentioned some activities they were looking forward to returning to in the Blue Room. Our play stand has been turned into a flower shop, equipt with all different beautiful flowers, and vases. we made […]

  • April 11th

    Happy Tuesday! We had a fabulous morning in the Blue Room! The weather was so beautiful we spent some extra time on the back playground. We introduced orange and yellow flowers and learned the names of a few new ones too! Ms. Sheryl came and friends made symmetrical butterflies. At the end of the morning, […]