April 11th

Happy Tuesday! We had a fabulous morning in the Blue Room! The weather was so beautiful we spent some extra time on the back playground. We introduced orange and yellow flowers and learned the names of a few new ones too! Ms. Sheryl came and friends made symmetrical butterflies. At the end of the morning, Ms.Carol came to sing some songs. We started music class with Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

We learned a new song during circle called In the Garden. Together we came up with. hand gestures to go along with the words.

Signs of Spring

Book studyPlanting the Rainbow

Today, we used flower stamps made from recycled paper towel rolls to paint orange and yellow flowers. We also made a collage of orange, and yellow flowers.

Fun facts we learned-

  • Lilies are social plants, growing best in groups of three to five
  • Lilies are flowering plants that grow from bulbs
  • Primrose is food for caterpillars
  • Marigolds need full sun all day to provide blooms all season long
  • Peak growing season is April to June and August to October

The yellow flowers we talked about were pansies, marigolds, primrose, and Carolina jessamine.

The orange flowers we talked about were butterfly weed, chrysanthemums, cosmos, snapdragon, and lily.

Fine Motor- Symmetrical butterflies with Ms.Sheryl

See you tomorrow!






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