March 30th

**Blue Room Picture Day is next Wednesday, April 5th!**

It was a great morning in the Blue Room! We learned about a new shape–the rhombus! We noticed it has 4 sides and 4 vertices just like squares, rectangles, and trapezoids. The next step in our Todd Parr author study is to make our own book. We noticed that Todd Parr uses simple titles like “The Family Book” and “The Feelings Book,” so we are going to be the authors of “The Blue Room Book!” Today friends chose what color their page of the book will be. We can’t wait to write the words and publish our book to share with you!

Classroom Jobs in Action

Classroom Explorations

Tracing, decorating, and cutting out rhombuses

Todd Parr class book

Around the Classroom

Fun on the Front Playground!

See you tomorrow!






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