March 24th

**Picture Day!**

Blue Room Picture Day will be Wednesday, April 5th!

This week in the Blue Room, we had Music with Ms. Carol on Tuesday, Yoga with Tara Rachel on Monday, and Taylor was our Photographer! It was a fun week together cherishing some of our last days with Narayan before his family moves to Australia. Narayan got to sit right next to Ms. Carol and help bring her props and instruments out during Music, and had a special goodbye with Tara Rachel doing some of his favorite yoga poses with her at the end of class. ❤️

Music with Ms. Carol

“Alligator Pie….. You can take away the pillow, take away the bed, but don’t take away my Alligator Bread!”

“Little Arabella Miller was a fuzzy caterpillar. First she climbed up on her mother, then she climbed up on her brother.. little Arabella Miller was a fuzzy caterpillar”

Playing the drum

Yoga with Tara Rachel

This week’s yoga class was all about the colors of the rainbow. We did flower breaths for different colored flowers and made animal shapes of animals that were different colors.

Narayan’s yoga send off!

Taylor’s Gallery

See you Monday!






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