February 13th

Happy Monday! We had a lovely start to the school week this morning. We began to learn about squares today as part of our shape investigation. We learned that a square has four equal sides. Our letter of the week is Tt. Friends noticed that another shape starts with a Tt- Triangle!

We learned how to trace a square, mailed some letters at the post office, washed chairs at the sensory table, practiced writing our names, and read stories on the rug.

New family job assignments

Thank you, everyone!

Making squares and the letter Tt at the light table

Washing chairs at the sensory table

Making Valentines

Mailing our valentines at the post office

Shape investigation- Square

Every few days we will introduce a new shape. Children will have the opportunity to trace, draw, cut, and build each shape. We will discuss things in the world that are square-shaped. Today, we learned a pizza box is square, a window can be square and a lego can be square. Be on the lookout at home for more squares in the wild!

See you tomorrow!






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