February 7th

What a special day in the Blue Room! We talked all about the letter Ss and the sssssound it makes 🙂 Friends brainstormed some words that begin with the letter Ss- snake, sun, Stevie, strawberries, school and more! Each child was given a word at morning meeting and was invited to add it to our word pile! We played on the back playground and found some more letter Ss words- sand, soccer, sweep, sky! When we came in from outside, everyone listened to a story and we had some snack! Mrs. Carol came at the end of the day and we sang some silly songs!

School Family Jobs

Letter Ss

Doing things that start with the letter Ss

Drawing things that are pink- crayons, flamingos, roses and paint!

We learned that flamingos turn pink because they eat a lot of shrimp! ☺️

Pink planet dough

Friends were “baking” at the planet dough table. They filled their cookie trays, put them in the oven(under the table) and counted to 10!

Mailing letters to loved ones at the post office!

Todd Parr collage- PINK!

See you tomorrow!






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