January 27th

What a great week in the Blue Room! Ms. Carol joined us for Music on Tuesday and Elan was our Photographer. Thank you, Elan! Tara Rachel had a home day on Wednesday, so we did not have yoga this week. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Music with Ms. Carol

We started with “The Bear Went Over the Mountain.” Friends had a turn telling Ms. Carol what the bear saw on the other side. Here is what the bear saw:

  • Taylor: “Elsa and Anna”
  • Zoey: “a giraffe”
  • Walker: “2 giraffes”
  • Aria: “my mom”
  • Evan: “elephants”
  • Marcus: “Cheetah”
  • Elan: “a lot of spiders”
  • William: “Clara”
  • Jordan: “Cam”
  • Wesley: “A giraffe and an elephant”
  • Dusty: “an eyebrow”
  • Narayan: “10 giraffes”
  • Tommy: “Sven, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans”
  • Stevie: “Elsa and Anna”

Elan’s Gallery

See you Monday!






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