January 9th

Lauren, Meg, and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm wishes in the wake of Michael’s passing. We want to share with you that we are following the children’s lead when it comes to talking about Michael or about death in general. Dr. Mark has been a great resource for us and he is here for you as well. His advice is that this is a topic that should be brought up by parents and mostly talked about at home as a family, yet teachers are here to listen and answer questions honestly if it does come up at school. As a reminder, Rainbow and Kaleidoscope will end at 2:30pm on Wednesday and there will be no school on Thursday this week for the wake and funeral events. Deb will send out more specifics on time and location to the community as she receives the information from Michael’s family.

New Classroom Jobs

Blue Room Alphabet

Our Alphabet is complete! Friends worked so carefully on this project, we cannot wait to see it showcased all together on the wall in our classroom! Friends chose which letter(s) they wanted to decorate as well as the decoration/material they wanted to use. While the finished product will be on our wall and be a source of pride for children knowing that they each helped create it, the process was just as important! As they created, they were working on decision-making, fine motor skills, precision, patience, stamina, and literacy skills as we brainstormed words that started with the letter they chose. Some friends even chose their material based on the letter sounds!

See you tomorrow!






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