December 13th

Today, was a great day in the Blue Room. We learned about Christmas traditions in Mexico and brainstormed words that begin with the letter Mm. During our second playtime, we added miniature penguins and bunnies to the snowflake trays! Ms. Carol came to sing some holiday songs with us and everyone was invited to play the drums. Friends worked on their holiday gifts for their families and are very excited to share them with you!

Today, we read Olive The Other Reindeer by J. Otto Seibold

Holidays around the world: Mexico

Feliz Navidad! Today, we learned about Christmas traditions in Mexico! We learned that the celebration of Christmas is like a carnival-  filled with color, laughter, and children’s games. Nativity Scenes are set up featuring traditional figures, flamingos, and prickly pears. Families decorate with poinsettias aka the “Christmas Star.” During the festival, pinatas are hung and children take turns hitting them until candy and other treats fall out. On Christmas Eve,  Santo Clos gives the children presents. Tamales are a traditional food that is made on Christmas. For dessert, they enjoy a treat called Buñuelos.

How Buñuelos are made–

Special Christmas gifts

Each child made a special Christmas ornament for their families. You should find a small bag with the ornament and our Christmas card! Thank you so much for your partnership this year. We wish you and your family a happy holiday and happy new year!


Tomorrow we will be learning about Italy. Thanks for spinning, Dusty!

See you tomorrow!






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