December 12th

Happy Monday! What a great morning in the Blue Room. Everyone was so excited to talk about the snow they saw over the weekend. We celebrated the first snow by playing with some white snowflakes, ice cubes, and colorful pom-poms. We learned about Christmas traditions “down under” in Australia, friends got assigned their new jobs and, our letter of the week is Mm!

School family jobs

Holidays around the world: Australia

Today, we learned about Christmas in Australia. On Christmas, families, and friends go to the beach because it is Summer during Christmas time! We learned that instead of reindeer, Santa’s sleigh is led by kangaroos! Friends loved that fun fact! Traditionally, the people of Australia eat prawns, fruit, cold ham, and turkey. The desserts are delicious light treats called Pavlova and trifle. During choice time some friends watched a short video about how Pavlova is made.

Check out how Pavlova is made

We also found Dubai, William’s dad is traveling there this week!

Ice trays

Playing with ice is a sensory-rich, and open-ended activity. Ice is a wonderful way to support development in learning areas like fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and language development. Children were invited to figure out how to “free” the pom-poms from the middle of the ice. This experiment was so much fun! Some friends melted the ice with water and also used the body heat from their hands. 

Today we read, 5 More Sleeps Until Christmas by Jimmy Fallon

Christmas Wreath

Observational drawings of Australian Christmas traditions

See you tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will be learning about Mexico! Thanks for spinning the globe, Jordan!






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