December 8th

Today we continued our holidays around the world project with Nigeria, built with wood pieces on the carpet, created in the studio, used cookie cutters with our play dough, and had fun on the front playground!

Classroom Jobs in Action!

Narayan is our STAR Helper this week. He chose the flower/candle breath today during meeting. Thanks, Narayan!

Elan is our Kid Counter this week. Thank you, Elan!

Stevie is our Photographer this week. Jack O’s family gifted our class with a new camera–thank you so much! We can’t wait to see Stevie’s gallery tomorrow with pictures from the new camera! Thanks, Stevie!

Holidays Around the World

Today we learned about Christmas in Nigeria! Nigerians who celebrate decorate with artificial trees and lights, eat a meal with family including jollof rice, and dress up for Christmas Eve mass in a traditional Christmas Cloth. In Nigeria, Santa doesn’t come to each house, instead, families go to visit him at different locations. There are hundreds of languages spoken in Nigeria, so one way to say Santa in Nigeria is “Baba Keresimesi” and one way to say “Merry Christmas” is “barka dà Kirsìmatì.”

Next up: Australia!

Read Aloud of the Day

Today we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Eight Nights of Chanukah by Eric Carle. It won today’s vote 12-2!

Fun on the Front Playground

See you tomorrow!






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