December 6th

Today was a great morning in the Blue Room. We researched Christmas traditions in Canada, sang with Ms.Carol, played with foam with Sheryl and read a new holiday book about elves! Our letter of the week is Ll. Some words we talked about were, Lion, Love, Ladybug, and Lobster.

Today, we read How to Catch an Elf by, Adam Wallace

Holidays around the world: Canada

Boujour! Today we learned about Christmas in Canada. We learned they have many traditions including the Santa Claus parade, decorative lights on homes, and festive Christmas trees. In Canada they enjoy eating tourtiere which is a meat pie and ham for Christmas dinner. For dessert, they enjoy Buche de Noel (or Yule log) and Nanaimo bars. We practiced writing Canda, Santa Claus, Buche de Noel, and Nanaimo bars. At the end of the day, we watched a short video of how Nanaimo bars are made. YUM!

Nanaimo Bar Video —

Today, Jack spun the globe and landed on Brazil. We are looking forward to learning about Brazil’s holiday traditions on Wednesday!

See you tomorrow!






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