November 28th

Today was a great morning back at school! Everyone was so excited to be back in the classroom playing with friends and teachers again. We played on the back playscape, rode bikes and played follow the leader. We began our holidays around the globe project and started to color the blue water on the earth. We are excited for the week ahead!

New classroom jobs!

Pro-social kindness acts

During meeting teachers have been modeling appropriate and inappropriate ways of block play. One teacher built with magnatiles and the other came over and knocked the tower down without asking. The second take of the situation, teachers used their words to avoid the tower getting knocked down.

Some of the phrases we used were…

“Go around I am building”

“I don’t like it when you knock down my structure”


Children were asked how each person felt about the situation.We talked about why it is important to be respectful to our friends and our classroom materials. By the end of our discussion we came up with a solution to knocking down structures. We decided to use our words to tell friends to “please go around” and to “stop” when getting too close. We will continue to practice these situations as the week continues.

Holidays around the globe

As we kick off the holiday season ,we have noticed many different holidays being discussed. Children are noticing decor around the city and also bringing up memories of the holiday season. Including things they bake and things they make! We want to celebrate all different cultures around the world by honoring their holiday traditions and celebrations.

As we get closer to break we will be researching different places around the world. We will invite children to spin the globe and stop their fingers on a location of their choice to research.

We will be referencing the book How Kids Celebrate Holidays Around the World by Pavla Hanackova to help us research holidays around the world 🙂

Holidays around the globe

Step one: draw the oceans

Studio Creations

I Spy the letters in our names…

See you tomorrow!






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