November 17th

We had a fabulous Thursday in the Blue Room! Friends were invited to draw new family portraits now that we have had an opportunity to learn about the shapes we will need to draw a person; some friends worked on a “Magnatile Kingdom” making a castle with every single magnatile, and we had fun on the front playground!

Classroom Jobs!

Marcus is our Name Tag Helper this week. Thank you, Marcus!

Jack is our Line Ender. Thank you, Jack!

Classroom Explorations

Family Portraits

We made new family portraits today to show how friends are learning about the different shapes needed to draw a body. We drew portraits at the beginning of the month, but this time, we saw circles for heads, some different shapes like rectangles and circles for bodies, and lines for arms and legs!

Magnatile Kingdom

Read Aloud of the Day

Today we read, Can I Play, Too? by Mo Willems. It won 10-3!

Fun on the Front Playground

See you tomorrow!






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