November 16th

We had a great day together in the Blue Room despite the gloomy day. During Morning Meeting, we practiced a new greeting– the moose! To do the moose, put your hands on your head like antlers, wiggle your fingers and say “good morning!” We practiced the Jj sound and discovered words that start with Jj, including 3 Blue Room friends: Jordan, Jack L. and Jack O.! Friends explored the classroom, we played in the gym, and had yoga with Tara Rachel.

Moose Greeting!

Words that start with Jj!

Classroom Jobs in Action!

Will is our Electrician this week. Thank you, Will!

Jordan is our Schedule Helper. Thank you, Jordan!

Zoey is our Line Leader this week. Thank you, Zoey!

Read Aloud of the Day

Today we read The Brother Book by Todd Parr. It won today’s vote 8-4.

Classroom Explorations

See you tomorrow!






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