November 15th

We had a great Tuesday in the Blue Room! At morning meeting we talked about our family pets. We are learning so much about families and what makes them so special! Friends were invited to make a color map of who they live with, we played on the back playscape and we ended the day with a great music class with Ms. Carol!

Reminder: Next week will be a 2 day week. We will have class Monday and Tuesday and will be off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving break 🙂

Our Librarian this week is Stevie. Thank you, Stevie!

Our STAR helper this week is Wesley. Thank you, Wesley!

Our Door Holder this week is Elan. Thank you, Elan!

My Home: Color mapping

Friends were invited to create a color map of who they live with. They matched the color square with who is in their family and created a home. Some included, Mom, Dad, Siblings and pets. This activity focuses on areas of development such as color recognition, sorting and categorizing.

Do You Have Any Pets?

Ms.Melissa invited children to make a bar graph showing how many different kinds of pets we have in our families. We noticed that dogs were the most popular family pet!

See you tomorrow!






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