November 9th

We had a busy day in the Blue Room! Friends finished up with their Todd Parr-inspired family portraits, played with play dough, built Magnatiles structures, and “went shopping” at the grocery store! We enjoyed the chilly day on the back playground, and ended our day with yoga. Today’s blog will feature the family portraits that friends have worked so hard on!

Classroom Jobs in Action!

Narayan is our Electrician this week. Thank you, Narayan!

Zoey is our Line Ender. Thank you, Zoey!

Walker is our Librarian this week. Thank you, Walker!

Today we read, Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney.

Jordan is our Name Tag Helper this week. Thanks for putting the name tags back, Jordan!

Family Portraits inspired by Todd Parr

After a full week of adding our colorful pieces to build our family members, then adding small details with a black marker, friends who were interested in this project are all finished! They worked so hard and were so proud to tell teachers and friends all about the people in their family!

Marcus’ Family: “Me, Mommy, Daddy, and Nino!”

Jordan’s Family: “I made Mama and Dada.”

Evan’s Family: “That’s Dad, Mom, and Ethan, and Me, and Emily.”

Dusty’s Family: “Here’s Mommy. That’s Daddy. And Me and Buster and Matilda.”

Taylor’s Family: “Mommy and Daddy and Me!”

Jack L.’s Family: “This is Dada, Sara, Jack, and Mama. This one is only Mommy.”

Zoey’s Family: “That’s me and Brooklyn!”

Elan’s Family: “I made Mommy and Daddy and Elan.”

William’s Family: “This is Mommy and Daddy and Isabelle and the babies. And me!”

Narayan’s Family: “I made Mommy and Mei Mei!”

Wesley’s Family: “This is my mommy and my Bo and me and my daddy is upside-down!”

Walker’s Family: “I made Mommy and me as robots.”

Stevie’s Family: “It’s Stevie!”

Aria’s Family: “This is Mommy!”

Tommy’s Family: “I made Mommy and Daddy and Tommy.”

See you tomorrow!






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