November 3rd

It was a great day in the Blue Room! We greeted each other with a wave at morning meeting, continued working on our Todd Parr-inspired family portraits, colored and practiced our names at the studio table, and had some fun on the front playground. Ms. Carol also came to do a Music class with us today because she wasn’t available during our usual Tuesday time–thank you, Ms. Carol!

Jack O. is our Electrician this week. Thank you, Jack!

Will is our Line Leader this week. Thank you, Will!

Classroom Explorations

Family Portraits inspired by Todd Parr

Around the Classroom

Read Aloud of the Day

Today we read Families, Families, Families by Suzanne and Max Lang! The votes were 8-6. Friends are becoming experts at counting together as a group and identifying which book has more votes!

Fun on the Front Playground

See you tomorrow!






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