November 2nd

As we continue with our theme of community, we are now focused on the important people in the lives of our Blue Roomers–their families! We are working on “I am from” poems during Morning Meeting, reading books about families, and working on projects to represent our families in many ways. We had so much fun playing on the back playscape today, and enjoyed a yoga class with Tara Rachel.

This week, Elan is our Line Ender. Thanks, Elan!

Classroom Explorations

Family Portraits inspired by Todd Parr. Todd Parr is one of our favorite authors here at BHNS. You will find his colorful books all over our school with different topics like feelings, family, peace, diversity, and more. We invited friends to use bright, fun colors and different shapes to create family portraits. This project will be out for the next several days as friends really take their time to think about the different shapes of our bodies and think about all the members of their families. When we are done constructing our families out of the construction paper pieces, we will use a black marker to add small details like faces or fingers or shoes to match Parr’s style of illustrations.

Fire Station

Name tracing

Read Aloud of the Day

As you may have predicted, The Family Book by Todd Parr won today’s vote by a landslide–12-3!

See you tomorrow!






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