October 31st

Happy Halloween, Blue Roomers! Today during Morning Meeting, when teachers introduced the letter of the week, Hh, friends knew right away “H is for Halloween!” We used a handshake greeting in honor of letter Hh, learned about our new jobs for the week, and shared what our costumes will be for trick-or-treating. In the classroom, we made pumpkins, did some beading, and played with magnatiles, sand, and legos. We hope anyone participating in Halloween festivities has a safe, fun time!

Classroom Jobs

Stevie is our Well-Wisher this week. Thank you, Stevie!

Narayan is our Door Holder this week. Thank you, Narayan!

Aria is our Librarian this week, so she brings over our books before we count our votes. Today, Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy by Tim Bugbird won our vote!

Pumpkin Project

Step 1: Collaborative orange paint

Step 2: Black paint

See you tomorrow!






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