October 28th

This week, we enjoyed a music class with Ms. Carol on Tuesday and Jordan was our Photographer! Our yoga class was canceled due to the rain on Wednesday, but Tara Rachel came to say hello to us on Thursday and shared a link to a yoga class if your children would like to practice at home.

Music with Ms. Carol

This week, we sang “The Bear Went Over the Mountain.” Usually in the song, all the bear sees is the other side of the mountain, but Ms. Carol asked friends to come up with an idea of what the bear could see instead. Here is what they came up with:

“Snow!” — Marcus
“Everything!” — Walker
“Elsa and Anna!” — Jack L.
“Pass” — Tommy
“A crocodile!” — Dusty
“A crocodile!” — Aria
“A puddle!” — Jack O.
“Elsa and Anna again!” –Will
“Elsa and Anna!” — Taylor
“A crocodile!” — Elan
“Another crocodile!” — Evan
“A rainbow!” — Zoey
“Cam!” — Jordan
“Sleeping Beauty!” — Stevie
“A crocodile!” –Narayan

A Visit from Tara Rachel

Yoga Class Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UrokPjKVLjGhyyN_3u5QH5zb3cUFFntZ/view?usp=sharing

Jordan’s Gallery

See you Monday!






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