October 26th

Reminder: No Rainbow or Kaleidoscope tomorrow.

No school Friday for children. We will see grown-ups at your scheduled conference time!

We had a fun day in the Blue Room! We talked about friendship and learned the sign language symbol for “friends” during Morning Meeting. During choice time, we painted with water colors, decorated our names at the studio table, built with Magnatiles, and completed puzzles! Our yoga class was cancelled due to rainy day gym use, but our little adventurers wanted to play in the rain! We zipped up our rain jackets, and enjoyed some puddle jumping and dancing in the rain!

Evan has been a very thorough Sink Checker this week!

Thank you, Evan!

Tommy is our Librarian this week. Thank you, Tommy!

Today, we read How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. It won the vote 7-6.

Classroom Explorations

Watercolor painting inspired by pumpkins

Name decorating at the Studio Table

Around the Classroom

Narayan discovered the safety goggles on our math and science shelf among the science tools, friends nearby all wanted a turn, and our Photographer, Jordan was there to document. We noticed right away that “goggles” starts with our letter of the week, Gg!

See you tomorrow!






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