October 18th

Blue Room friends had a great day. Thank you to everyone who came to Curriculum Night on Monday. We had a great time talking to all of you and getting to share our curriculum. Today, children continued working on our classroom rainbow, did a fun activity with Ms.Sheryl, and to end the day we had music with Carol 🙂

Children were ecstatic to receive special gifts that were made for them at Curriculum Night!

Today, we read A Color of His Own by, Leo Lionni

The Rainbow in Me

Children added the color of their hair to the rainbow today.

Creating a tree with Ms.Sheryl

Friends used their fingers to rip little pieces of paper to represent leaves. The practice of ripping and cutting with scissors is all a part of fine motor development practice.

Around the classroom

Back playground

Walker is our Kid-Counter. Thank you, Walker

Wesley is our Door Holder. Thank you, Wesley.

Narayan is our Line Ender. Thank you, Narayan!

See you tomorrow!






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