October 12th

We had the best day today learning about our emotions, playing with new materials, drumming on the back yard, and practicing yoga with Tara Rachel. This morning, friends and teachers greeted each other by passing an elephant around the circle and saying good morning to each other. Our greeting routine helps children with social skills like public speaking, using eye contact, and waiting for a turn.

Elan is our Schedule Helper this week. Thanks, Elan!

Angry and Grumpy!

Today we learned about feeling angry or grumpy. Friends shared that they feel grumpy when grown-ups say “no”, when Magnatile buildings fall over, and when friends don’t share books or toys.

Read Aloud of the Day!

Today we read, Allie All Along by Sarah Lynne Reul. In this story, Allie is feeling angry about a crayon breaking. As she starts to use strategies like hugging a lovie, and taking a deep breath, the angry red feeling sheds off to yellow, then green, then blue, then back to feeling like Allie again.

Classroom Explorations

At the rectangle table, friends were invited to use red materials to create an angry monster inspired by the story, Allie All Along.

Loose Part Faces at the Light Table

Loose parts offer an opportunity for open-ended creations. They allow children to think critically and flexibly about how they can use the various materials. We had conversations about what parts of the body are on a face and how we move our faces in different ways to show how we are feeling.

See you tomorrow!






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