October 11th

We had a great morning in the Blue room. We welcomed a new teacher to our room, Ms. Molly. Molly will be helping in our classroom for a few weeks. Friends loved reading stories with her and sharing their favorite areas of the classroom.

Today, children continued to play at the pumpkin patch making pies, cider, and donuts.

This week we are learning about the letter Ee and our Emotions. Our first emotions of the week are Happy and Excited!

Ms. Sheryl came into class today to do a spooky project with us, we had music with Carol and we played with our new magnetic letters and numbers.

School Family Job Assignments

Aria is our Kid Counter. Thank you, Aria!

Marcus is our STAR helper. Thank you, Marcus!

Stevie is our Door Holder. Thank you, Stevie!

Tommy is our Well-Wisher. Thank you, Tommy!

Today we read, Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn by Kimberly and James Dean

During morning meeting, each child got the opportunity to share what makes them happy or excited.

Ms. Lauren– “Walking new trails with my dog, Tula

Ms. Melissa- “Going for a walk

Stevie- “Jumping on the trampoline with Mom and Dad!

Jordan- “Scootering and running with Mommy!

Evan- “Ethan and Emily

Tommy- “Playing outside and letters”

Marcus- “Eating snacks

Jack L.- “Snacks and sissy

Narayan- “May May

Taylor- “Snuggles with Mom and Dad

Zoey- “Kisses from my dog Perry and snuggling with my Mom

William- “When Drake eats Jake’s food”

Aria-“Stuffy Dog”

Blue Room Emotions

Today, we talked about. emotions and feelings at meeting.  We shared what makes us happy. Each friend had a different answer and was eager to hear what made their peers and teachers happy. We modeled what different emotions might look like on our faces. At the rectangle table, friends were invited to use “happy” colors of pink and yellow to draw a happy doodle. As each child drew their picture we talked about what makes someone happy and how we can make others happy. We read the story, The Crayon’s Book of Feelings as a color reference and a guide for conversation.


Tuesday projects with Sheryl

Art station with spooky materials

Letter line with Ms.Molly!

See you tomorrow!






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