October 6th

What a great day in the Blue Room! We brainstormed words that start with Dd during morning meeting, played with dinosaurs at the sand table, and counted with dominos. Our STAR Helper, Jordan, even picked the drain breath during meeting.

Friends were invited to continue working on their rainbow name collages, we had some bakers cooking up pumpkin cakes in pretend, and we played with chalk on the front playground.

Our Sink Checker, Jack L, making sure the sink was turned off after a friend forgot. Thanks, Jack!

Classroom Explorations

Name Collages

Kinetic Sand with Dinosaurs

Pumpkin Patch


Read Aloud of the Day

Today we read Mindful Mr. Sloth by Katy Hudson.

Goodbye Meeting

At the end of each day, we have a goodbye meeting. We play a number recognition game, ask each friend what their favorite part of the day was, sing our goodbye song, then the Goodbye Wisher says bye to all the Blue Room friends before we leave. Teachers fill out the calendar with images of all the responses of what everyone’s favorite part of the day was. Here is a picture of our September Favorites Calendar! Some highlights of the month include sand, apples, legos, painting with dot markers, doing yoga, singing songs, and learning new letters and breaths like the flower, the balloon, and the pretzel.

See you tomorrow!






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