October 3rd

Happy October, it’s officially Spooky Season! Today was a great day in the Blue Room! To kick off the month of October we began learning all about pumpkins, and the letter Dd. As we continue to explore the concept of community, today we dove into learning about our little citizens’ names! We began a class project illustrating how many letters are in each name, inspired by the book Chrysanthemum. We learned that Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize friendship, happiness, and well-being. Chrysanthemum flowers are also associated with the arrival of Autumn 🙂

Check out our new school family job assignments!

School Family Jobs

Wesley is our Line-Ender! Thank you, Wesley!

Marcus is our Well-Wisher. Thank you, Marcus!

Walker is our Door Holder. Thank you, Walker!

William is our Schedule Helper. Thank you, William!

Our read aloud today was Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes


Evan is our Librarian. Thank you, Evan!

How many letters in your name?

Counting Game

Today, during classroom exploration we played a game using dice and colored bears. Friends took turns rolling the die, counting the dots, and then collecting the corresponding number of bears. This game was popular among many friends today. We are so proud of the hard work children are putting into practicing their counting! This game encourages turn-taking, one-to-one correspondence, counting and, social play.

Name Collage

During morning meeting, friends were invited to document the number of letters in their names on a graph. We then compared our findings to determine whose name is the longest and whose name is the shortest. We found that the shortest names were Evan, the Jacks, Zoey, and Elan with 4 letters. The longest name with 7 letters is Narayan. This inspired us to begin our name collage during classroom exploration. We will be revisiting this project throughout the week.

Pumpkin Patch

Around the classroom

See you at the Potluck!






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