September 28th

We had a wonderful Wednesday in the Blue Room! During Morning Meeting, friends shared what their favorite apple color is and we made a graph of the results. We used crayons, pastels, and markers to make green apples for our collaborative apple orchard art project, enjoyed Magnatiles on the new board, created studio work, and made discoveries about fall leaves at the science table. We enjoyed the beautiful day on the back playground, then ended the day with a yoga class with Tara Rachel.

Classroom Explorations

Invitation to make green apples


Pretend Play–Apple Stand and Babies

Science Center

Teachers put out leaves to inspire explorations, but friends decided what other materials they wanted from the shelf to make discoveries with!

Vertical Play with Magnatiles

Around the Classroom

Friends enjoyed playing in the sand, and reading lots of books today!

Read Aloud of the Day

Johnny Appleseed by Jodie Shepherd won our class vote today–we found out Johnny Appleseed was a real person who was from Massachusetts! Our Librarian this week is Dusty, he gets to bring the books over to the carpet before we count our votes. Then our Name Tag Helper, William this week, puts the name tags back on the board. Great work, helpers!

See you tomorrow!






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