September 27th

Blue Room friends had an awesome morning. We continued working on our apple orchard, made a graph, and had music class! During snack, we talked about what words start with the letter Cc, what sounds it makes, and what the letter looks like. Our letter brainstorms have inspired friends to begin asking about all different letter sounds, frequently asking, “what does ___ start with?”

Words that start with a Cc

Friends also got their new school family job assignments today.

School Family Jobs

Narayan is our schedule helper, Thank you, Narayan!

Jordan is our Well-Wisher. Thank you, Jordan!

Evan is our STAR helped. Today he chose the STAR breath. Thank you, Evan!

What Is Your Favorite Apple Treat?

During morning meeting, friends were asked, “ what is your favorite apple treat?” Our choices were applesauce, apple juice, and fresh apple. Five friends choose fresh apples, four friends chose apple juice and five friends chose applesauce. Graphing is a fun way to introduce and engage children in math concepts such as sorting, counting, and estimating.

As the year continues, we will begin extending our morning meeting time, to practice sitting and listening for a longer period of time. We will be graphing, playing matching games, and giving children more opportunities to share inspired by different questions.

Today we read, How To Grow a Friend by, Sara Gillingham

Apple Orchard

So far we have finished the soil/ground of our apple orchard Today, we began working on the branches and trunk of our apple tree. We tried a new way of painting using wood pieces with letters on them. While painting, friends began to notice and call out the different letters they were seeing. Friends were also invited to find leaves outside to add to the ground of our apple orchard!

We love our new magnet wall!

Around the classroom

See you tomorrow!






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