September 22nd

We made the most of this rainy day with extra classroom exploration time and having fun in the gym! Yesterday, in the book, Bring on the Birds, we read about some birds with a crest of feathers on their heads and we turned this into a greeting for Morning Meeting! Friends and teachers greeted each other by waving their crest feathers on their heads!

Classroom Explorations

Invitation to be a Boxitect! Inspired by the story, Boxitects by Kim Smith (spoiler alert, Boxitects finally won today’s vote!)


Around the Classroom

Read Aloud of the Day

Boxitects by Kim Smith won our vote 7-6!

Fun in the Gym!

See you tomorrow!






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  1. Karim Suwwan Avatar
    Karim Suwwan

    What a fantastic day given the rain!

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