September 19th

Blue Room had a wonderful start to the school week! We introduced our letter of the week Bb, began working on a collaborative art piece, worked on beading, explored outside and everyone was assigned new classroom jobs for the week. During morning meeting today, we greeted our friends using the “butterfly handshake.”

Our schedule helper is Jack O. this week. Thank you for helping us stay on schedule, Jack!

Our Well-Wisher is Evan. Thank you for putting our absent friends on our heart board, Evan!

Dusty was our STAR helper. Thank you, Dusty!

Today, we read The Three Bears: ABC by, Grace Maccarone

Letter Bb Brainstorm

Collaborative Art: Apple Orchard

Children were invited to the rectangle table today to begin our apple orchard art piece. We started by coloring and gluing brown materials to the poster board to represent the dirt and seeds it takes to plant an apple tree. As the week goes on, we will be adding trees, leaves and apples to our apple orchard. This type of collaborative art project encourages children to practice their social skills by communicating with their peers and sharing ideas as they create together.


Building with blocks, LEGOs and magnatiles

Scented kinetic sand

Reading/listening under the loft

See you tomorrow!






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