September 14th

We had a Wonderful Wednesday in the Blue Room! We continued our Letter Aa brainstorm and practicing the /a/ sound in Morning Meeting, then played in the classroom and extended our apple art with a new medium–tempera paint and the actual apples! We played on the back playscape and enjoyed a yoga class with Tara Rachel.

Friends are really enjoying their classroom jobs! Here is our photographer, Elan, and our floor inspector, Narayan, hard at work!

Classroom Explorations

Invitation to paint with apples

Children were invited to interact with our apples in a new way with a new medium today. This type of art project is called process art–it is all about the process, not the product! (Although, we think the products came out great!) Friends talked about the different colors they were using and had to use both fine and gross motor skills to paint with the heavy apples.

Around the Classroom

Read Aloud of the Day

Today we read, Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin as we continue reading books all about school!

See you tomorrow!






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