September 12

Happy Monday! Today we had a great morning in Blue Room. Our weekly jobs have been updated and children were thrilled to get their new assignments! There was a lot of fun activities happening in the Blue Room today. Children observed apples, served apple pie and cider at our apple stand, built with wooden blocks, counted with number cubes, created art work and more! We are excited for a fun week ahead.

School Family Jobs


Today, we read Albert’s Alphabet by, Leslie Tryon

Letter of the Week: Aa

Every week we will be introducing a letter of the week. This week we will be focusing on the letter Aa. As we learn about the letter Aa we will be brainstorming words that start with Aa, the sound it makes, what it looks like and we will slowly begin to practice how to write an Aa. Many of our classroom activities will center around the letter of the week in a fun and engaging way. This week the play stand is selling Apples! A fun way to incorporate the letter of the week at home could be by pointing out things around the house or city that begin with an Aa and practicing the sounds it makes.

Observational Drawings: Apples

Today, children had the opportunity to make observational drawings of apples. Observational drawing allows children to develop visual communication skills. Through drawing children are communicating what they see, what they imagine, and what they want to communicate, often focusing on different forms of expression, it’s not just the image it’s the mediums they choose, the pressure they use, the thickness of the lines. Observational  drawings are a great way to help strengthen memory – as they look at the object and remember what they see. Some other skills that are being practiced are fine motor skills, color recognition, spatial awareness and observational skills. We look forward to continuing exploring apples throughout the month! 

Building with natural materials


Math With Unifix Cubes and Shape Puzzles


Apples for Sale!

Light Table

Around The Room

See you tomorrow!






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