September 9th

What a wonderful first week of school we had in the Blue Room! Our Friday blogs will highlight all of the special area fun we had throughout the week. On Tuesdays, Ms. Carol comes to our classroom to teach Music Class. On Wednesdays, our class will go to the gym to join Ms. Tara Rachel for Yoga! When our new space at 180 Cambridge Street is open, we will visit the Library on Thursdays or even have guest readers! Additionally, Friday blogs will showcase the photos taken by our classroom photographer. This week, our classroom photographer was William!

Music with Ms. Carol

Intro to Yoga with Ms. Tara Rachel

This week, we went to the gym to see where our yoga classes will be. Tara Rachel talked us through what a yoga class will be like. Friends even got to play the mindful listening xylophone that usually only Tara Rachel will use! Check the Yoga tab at the top of the blog site to see a write up about the yoga program written by Tara Rachel.

William’s Gallery






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