September 8th

Today was our first day together as a full class, and how exciting it was to have our classroom full of laughter, songs, discoveries, questions, and play! We greeted each other at Morning Meeting with our name song: “Hickety, pickety, bumble bee; won’t you say your name for me.” Friends said their name with a big voice, then everyone else greeted them with a wave and a “Good morning, ___.” We will learn many new greetings during Morning Meeting–some will be formal greetings, some silly, some to a song or a dance. Greeting our friends and teachers is an integral part of creating our school family so that everyone knows they are a valued member of our classroom and we are always glad to see them.

Each week, children will be in charge of a classroom job. This week, our Well-Wisher is Taylor! We had two friends to put in our hearts to wish well today. The other job that takes place during meeting is our STAR Helper. This week, that is Jack L! Jack chose which deep breath we would practice together. Today, he chose the STAR breath. You can try this at home, too. Stop, Smile, Take a deep breath, And Relax.

Classroom Explorations

Rose Provocation: Children were invited to create roses inspired by the beautiful flowers in our classroom. Friends used popsicle sticks, scissors, tissue paper, markers, tape and glue to create their flowers. Teachers and friends discussed the different parts of the flower they noticed while they worked.

Dramatic Play

Sensory Table: Kinetic sand, animals, and tools

Around the Classroom

Read Aloud of the Day

Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen

Front Playscape

See you tomorrow!






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