September 7th

Today the Blue Room welcomed the second half of our friends! We started our day, as we always will, with Morning Meeting, then it was time to explore the classroom and make new friends! The sun was shining as we played on the back playscape, then we met Ms. Tara Rachel in the gym so that we know what to expect when Yoga starts next week. We are looking forward to all being together tomorrow!

One staple of our morning meeting is our wish-well ritual. Any friend who isn’t in our meeting, whether they are having a home day, or just running late, will go on the Wish-Well board. We put our friends in our hearts, take a deep breath, and send warm, loving wishes to any friends who are not at school with us. We also sing the wish-well song: “We wish you well, we wish you well, all through the day today, we wish you well.” Since half of our class had a home day today, there were a lot of friends to wish well–we hope everyone at home felt their hearts sparkle knowing we were thinking of you!

Photos from our 1st day!

Classroom Explorations

Dramatic Play at the Lemonade Stand

Kinetic Sand

Counting and number recognition at the Math Table

Art at the Easel

Letter and number recognition at the Sensory Table

Listening Center

Read Aloud of the Day

Both groups chose to read The Feelings Book by Todd Parr. We counted our votes and discovered that 5 is greater than 1. We listened to our story and talked about how we can feel so many things throughout the day or even feel different feelings at the same time!

See you tomorrow!






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