September 6th

What a great day in the Blue Room! The morning started by voting for a book and greeting all friends and teachers at morning meeting. During morning meeting, teachers told each child what their special classroom job is for the week. After meeting, children made lemonade at the lemonade stand, created artwork for the classroom and their families, and filled different sized jars with kinetic sand. At the end of the day, Ms. Carol came to sing and dance with us. We are looking forward to being together as a full class on Thursday!

Our Classroom Jobs:

“Developing awareness of their family, the community, the classroom and their responsibilities in each.”

The purpose of classroom jobs is to foster independence, responsibility, leadership skills and social awareness in the Blue room. We are all citizens of our community and we care about keeping our classroom clean and safe together. Each week the jobs will change so that every child gets an opportunity to try a new task. Take a look at our first week of jobs!

Read Aloud:

The Feelings Book By, Todd Parr

Photos from our 1st Day!

Blue Room Lemonade Stand

Kinetic Sand

Water Table With Letters and Numbers

Number Puzzles

Art Station


Light table






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