• January 26th

    It was quite a productive day in the Blue Room! Friends were busy painting our green paper for our Todd Parr project, mixing green at the easel, constructing igloos at the studio table, sorting yellow and green objects, and creating with recycled materials. During Morning Meeting, friends selected an object from a bin, and sorted […]

  • January 25th

    Today was a great day in the Blue Room! We started our GREEN collage today and talked about all things that are green. Some friends created artwork with boxes at the studio table, listened to stories with our new headphones, mixed colors to make green, and enjoyed stories under the loft. Our Todd Parr investigation […]

  • January 24th

    Today, was an awesome day in Blue Room. We finished our yellow collage, learned about words that start with the letter Qq, sang with Ms. Carol, played on the back playscape in the snow, and had so much FUN! Hot Coco for sale! Weaving with Ms.Sheryl Practicing using our finger muscles like this helps children […]

  • January 23rd

    What a wonderful morning in the Blue Room! Everyone was eager to monitor the snow today. They noticed the rain began getting heavier and eventually turned to snow! We continued our color investigation with the color yellow. Most friends shared things that were yellow such as the sun, lemons, the umbrella in our back playscape […]

  • January 20th

    This week we had Music with Ms. Carol on Tuesday, Yoga with Tara Rachel on Wednesday, and William was our photographer! Music with Ms. Carol “Let’s go riding on an elevator, let’s go riding on an elevator. First floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, way, way, way up high!” Yoga with Tara Rachel William’s […]

  • January 19th

    We had a very productive morning in the Blue Room! We mixed red and yellow paint during morning meeting to discover our next color: orange! Friends were invited to use orange crayons, markers, and tape to create our orange paper for our color investigation. We spotted orange all over the place–in the illustrations of our […]

  • January 18th

    We had a lovely morning together in the Blue Room today! During Morning Meeting, we discussed words that start with our letter of the week, Pp! During our classroom exploration time, we painted with red finger paint for our newest investigation about colors inspired by Todd Parr’s colorful books, which have been absolute favorites for […]

  • January 13th

    This week we had Music with Carol on Tuesday, Yoga with Tara Rachel on Wednesday, and Narayan was our Photographer. School will be closed on Monday for MLK Day. We will see you Tuesday! Music with Ms. Carol Yoga with Tara Rachel This week’s yoga class was about animals. Friends learned fun new poses for […]

  • January 11th

    Today, we learned words that start with the letter Oo during Morning Meeting and made observational drawings of our flower arrangement during choice time. We had yoga with Tara Rachel and played with bikes and trucks on the back playground. School will be closed tomorrow, we will see you on Friday! Oo is for… Read […]

  • January 10th

    Today we had a special visit from Ms. Sheryl during our classroom exploration time, had music with Ms. Carol, and played on the back playground! Classroom Jobs in Action! Read Aloud of the Day The Feelings Book by Todd Parr won our votes today 12-3! We all agreed we have all felt silly before, but […]